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  Designer / Photographer

As a photographer, I have photographed many engagement and wedding moments. I have seen thousands of wedding dresses. The monotonous wedding dress designs on the market prompted me to pick up my childhood dream to create unique wedding dress designs that combine elegance and practicality.  This is SENYA wedding designer brand.


As a woman and wife, I feel that in a marriage/relationship, every girl needs to first be herself and have her own personality in order to enter a marriage in her best state. She should not lose sight of herself in a relationship. I hope that every girl will become her true self on the wedding day. There is no need to force herself to pretend to be someone she is not, in unfamiliar high heels or makeup she can’t recognize herself in the mirror in. In my mind, the bride should wear a comfortable wedding dress, comfortable shoes, and a comfortable self. She should wear unintentional expressions at the wedding; sharing stories with family and friends to create a beautiful memories. This is the spirit and original intention of my design.


As a cross-border designer, I have added a number of special highlights to each design. I hope you can find flash points in my design that can express your attitude. I have been trying to find all sorts of balance, the balance between comfort and elegance, the balance between fashion and wedding dresses, the balance between classics and personality, the balance between high order and parity.

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